Nippon 2007, A Bid for first Worldcon in Japan

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All About JAPAN

Links to Shopping, Sightseeing, Eating, Culture, Events, etc.

The contents of links are completely separate from this committee and organization.
Depending on your OS and software, some links may not be readable or viewable from your computer.

· Pacifico Yokohama (our site)
(Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau)

· Japan National Tourist Organization Website, (select language)
TOWNPAGE is an English Telephone Directory published in Japan.
· JIN, --- Web Japan Gateway for all Japanese Information
JIN = Japan Information Network.
Web Japan contents = YOKOSO JAPAN! | TOKYO Past and Present | NIPPONIA | Trends in Japan | Japan Fact Sheet | Japan Atlas | The Virtual Museum | STATISTICS | Regions & Cities | KIDS WEB JAPAN | Japan Links | Japan Video Topics

· Shopping (Sightseeing)
Town Guide
Japanese Comic store
Move means (Traffic)
· Eating
Fast Food's
Long-established Shop
· Culture
Report company, Goverment office & Public-service corporation
Tradition entertainment of Japan
Museum, Science museum, & Various museum
Cosmos relation
Science Technology, Society & etc Laboratory
Comic (manga) & Animation
Special effects (SFX)
· Creator
Original Illustration, ComputerGraphics, and other.
Figure, Garage kit,
· Event

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