Nippon 2007, A first Worldcon in Japan

How to Join Nippon 2007

Nippon2007 memberships may be purchased with a credit card. You may use VISA, MasterCard, JCB, or American Express. The credit cards will be charged in yen.
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Membership Rates

We announced that the rate for a full attending membership to Nippon 2007 remain $220.00 (26,000yen) from July 1, 2006 to June 30, 2007.
The upgrade and full attending rates are shown in the table below.

Instructions for persons in US, Canada, Europe, and Australia or New Zealand

You can send a check to the appropriate agent (Agents list is here) for your membership or, if you are going to a convention where we will have a table, you can pay for your membership in person. (List of upcoming cons we are going attend)
Please make all checks payable to "Nippon 2007" or "65th World Science Fiction Convention"

Progress Report Zero

We sent "progress report zero" to all persons who are our pre-support member or voter at Noreascon 4.
If you have not received it, and you correspond to them, then please tell us with e-mail e-mail

[Attention] we changed the Membership Rates at July 1, 2006 (JST20:00).
Membership Rates
"JST(Japan standard Time)20:00" is meaning the time when all country and areas of the world became July.
These rates are through June 30, 2007.

Age You did... Registration

Adult (Over 20)*4

Nothing Attending $220 / 26,000 yen
Supporting $50 / 6,000 yen
Supporting Upgrade to Attending $170 / 20,000 yen
Voting Attending $110 / 13,000 yen
Supporting *1
Young Adult (Age 13-19)*4 Nothing Attending $165 / 17,000 yen
Supporting $35 / 4,000 yen
Supporting Upgrade to Attending $130 / 13,000 yen
Voting Attending $40 / 4,500 yen
Supporting *1
Child (Age 7-12)*4 Nothing Attending $80 / 9,000 yen
Supporting *3
Voting Attending $5 / 500 yen
Supporting *3

Note: There are many Classifications and Prices as your prepayment for some.
*1 You already have your Supporting Membership. You need not do the registration again.
*2 You already have your Attending Membership. You need not do the registration again.
*3 Child can not do the registration to the Supporting.
*4 Age classification is determined in the state as of Aug. 30, 2007. (First day of Nippon2007)
* Upgrade from Pre-Supporter to Attending or Supporting Membership were finished at the end of Jan. 2006.
* Persons 13 years old and older must have full memberships.
* Those under 6 as of that date are free.
* Child Memberships do not include publications or voting rights for the Hugo Awards or Site Selection.
* Child Memberships include a voting right for Seiun Awards.

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