Nippon 2007, A Bid for first Worldcon in Japan

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There are several reasons
why you should choose Japan.

Bidding Committee for Worldcon Nippon

  1. Traditional Japanese Culture
      (sightseeing and exposure to Japanese traditions and history)
    In addition to familiar sightseeing attractions like the Imperial Palace, Sensouji Temple, and Kabuki and Noh plays, you will have the opportunity to join in the Bon-Odori (summer dancing festival held throughout the country).
    Another exciting option is one of Japan's famous fireworks exhibitions.
    Depending on the city designated as the convention site, one-day excursions can be made from Tokyo (to the shrine to the Tokugawa Shogun in Nikko or the open-air museum at Lake Ashino-Ko, at the foot of Mount Fuji) or either Kyoto or Osaka (to the giant statue of Buddha in Nara or the Hiroshima Peace Park).

  2. The World of Anime, Computer Games & Manga
    There are countless shops and other places of interest for the fans of Anime, computer games and Manga(Japanese Comics). First of all, there is Tokyo's famous "Electric Town," Akihabara," where you will find many software outlets (Anime DVDs, game CD-ROMs, etc.). Not far away is Jimbo-Cho, with the nation's largest concentration of second-hand-booksellers, many specializing in manga and anime-related books.
    Summer vacation is also the hottest season for fanzine events in Japan. You may be familiar with the world's largest fanzine fair, called "Komike" in Japanese ("Comic Market", featuring a HUGE dealers room), held around mid-August. Around the immediate time Worldcon will be held there are usually several other (comparatively) smaller fanzine fairs scheduled.

  3. Comfortable Convention Facilities
    We are currently in negotiations with the two biggest convention centers in the Tokyo area, the Japan convention Center in Chiba and Pacifico Yokohama.
    Both were designed and built during the Japanese economy's boom days in the 1980s, and are therefore more than adequate in terms of size and facilities. Fortunately for us, the recent economic situation in Japan has brought their rental fees down to more manageable levels.

  4. Experienced staff
    Although the Worldcon has never been held in Japan, the Japan SF Convention has been held annually since 1962 and now attracts 1,000 to 2,000 attendees each year. We believe that we now have the capability to host a Worldcon.
    It was decided at a business meeting of "the Federation of Science Fiction Fan Groups of Japan" to merge the Japan SF Convention for 2007 with Nippon 2007, thereby ensuring that all Japanese SF fans will be working in unison towards a common goal.

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