Nippon 2007, A Bid for first Worldcon in Japan

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Bidding Committee for Worldcon Nippon

As we stand in the year 2001, the dawn of a new century, Japanese SF fandom is trying to reach out further across the world.

We have already been interacting regularly with SF lovers overseas, and there have been many Japanese participants at foreign SF conventions.
Many Japanese creative talents who have been influenced by Science Fiction have begun to receive acclaim overseas as well.
International interest in Japanese SF has been increasing year by year.

However, there are significant linguistic and geographical barriers which have limited the overseas popularity of Japanese Science Fiction.
There also hasn't been much of an opportunity for us to actively promote it up until this point.

We well recognize that introducing Japanese SF to the rest of the world will be a difficult and time-consuming activity.
However, we believe that---in addition to its significance for Japanese fans---it will also provide an opportunity to express our gratitude for the many benefits which we have received from overseas Science Fiction works and overseas Sci-Fi fans.

We want to make the World Science Fiction Convention in Japan a milestone in the introduction of Japanese SF to the world.

We believe that holding the World Science Fiction Convention in Japan will give SF fans of the world an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of both Japanese SF and Japanese SF fans.
With this will come opportunities for new international exchange as well as the recognition of new talent, and we are sure that this will benefit us all.

Technological advances are making the world a smaller and smaller place.
Communications between SF fans, who have told of future worlds and of their own dreams, will without doubt generate many new ideas and new connections between people.

Thus, it is our strong hope and intention to ensure that, should the Worldcon come to Japan, it will be something to be remembered for a long time to come.

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