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We introduce our GUESTS OF HONOR.

Author GoH
Sakyo Komatsu
Sakyo Komatsu
From the perspective of Japanese SF history, Sakyo Komatsu is a writer who will never be forgotten. All Japanese fans agree that his writing has influenced not only the SF world, but also all of Japanese society. Komatsu has come to be a prominent leader in the Japanese science fiction community.
David Brin
David Brin
More than ten of Brin's works have been translated into Japanese. His "Uplift series" is popular everywhere, but especially in Japan. Furthermore, every Japanese science fiction fan recognizes that since Brin loves Japan, he would also enjoy a Worldcon in Japan with fans from all over the world.
Fan GoH
Takumi Shibano
Takumi Shibano
Takumi Shibano has been translating English science fiction into Japanese for over half a century; he has built a bridge between fans in Japan and America. Because of his great efforts over many years, we can hold Worldcon in Japan. Shibano is a guest of honor who most closely matches our theme: the exchange of fans between Japan and America.
Artist GoH
Yoshitaka Amano
Yoshitaka Amano
Yoshitaka Amano's name is widely known in both Japan and America. Science fiction fans and others alike are fascinated with the beautiful worlds that he has drawn. Even in the anime and video game communities, Amano is well-known for adding profound life to the works that he creates.
Michael Whelan
Michael Whelan
Many Japanese fans picked up translated novels because of Whelan's illustrations. Whelan's art has opened door of imagination to fans all over the world. Japanese fans honor Whelan's art. As a result, they would be very happy to see him at Worldcon.

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